Complex cultural differences enveloped this transaction involving multiple Brazilian entities with over 150 employees where only the executive team spoke English, and an American buyer. Rapid integration of all companies onto the buyer's operational systems and methodologies was critical to facilitate the growth envisioned by the transaction price


Take an international transaction with an American buyer and a Belgium seller, add different first languages, very different work ethics, and a heavily regulated labor market, and you have a complex, high-risk transaction. By contracting David van Toor to move to Brussels and nurture the deal to close, and then remain as European Managing Director the seller eliminated the risks created by this complexity.

Tango Card Acquisition of

The acquisition of by incentives leader Tango Card represented their first such transaction. By contracting David van Toor during the due diligence process and post-close as the on-site point of contact, Tango Card was able to develop and execute on a comprehensive plan that will deliver on the objectives of the transaction.